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Kakadu Plum Face Cream 50g
Kakadu Plum Face Cream 50g
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A nourishing moisturiser rich in Kakadu Plum and antioxidants.
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How does it work? Helps maintain and balance the moisture in your skin. Helps fight the signs of ageing and leaves skin feeling supple and smooth.
Ideal for: Normal, Sensitive and/or Mature Skin.
How to use: Use each Morning after cleansing and toning. Take a small amount then press gently onto the face and neck.

Features Benefits
Kakadu Plum Extract Restore clarity to the skin, rich in vitamin C will instantly give the skin a vitamin boost.
Quandong Extracts Rich in antioxident properties, helps protect skin from the damaging effects of the environment
Macadamia Oil* Similar to our own sebum, this oil soothes and softens, nourishes and protects

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