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Helping the Enviroment

Certified Organic Ingredients - impacts positively on the environment. Organic farming manages soil and water quality and is energy efficient whilst promoting health of farmers, including children working on the land and biodiversity. Sourcing organic ingredients encourages more sustainable farming practices.Processing organic ingredients has minimal and safe by-products.

Product Packaging - All cardboard boxes are made from recycled board. Most products in the Meditree Skin care Range are packed in these boxes. Meditree is in the process of upgrading our tube packaging. A special enzyme has been added to the tubes during manufacture to ensure they will break down in landfill within 5 years. All the essential tubes are now biodegradable and eventually all tubes will follow.

Packing for Shipping - Meditree use and reuse recyclable cardboard boxes and packaging with discarded paper shreds based packing when shipping to customers or stockists.

Warehouse Recycling - Any cardboard that cannot be reused is placed in a designated bin where the community have access to take it for packing, moving boxes, etc

Mindfully Sourcing Ingredients - Meditree research the origin and impact of the raw ingredients used to ensure that these are not negatively impacting on the environment. For example, Meditree uses palm oil that is farmed from established plantations in South America. Shea Butter is a fair-trade ingredient.

Carbon Emissions - Meditree has completed the NSW Government Sustainable Advantage program to actively reduce carbon emissions and improve the company's overall environmental impact.

Against Animal Testing : Be it a dog, cat or mice , Meditree is against animal testing and is a member of Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) – an independent organisation that accredits skin, body and toiletry products NOT tested on animals. We certainly do not use any ingredients that are animal derived. We only test all of our products on humans only with great success! If it ain't good on our skin, it aint good for anything.

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